Gong Baths

What is The Gong

It is an ancient instrument of healing and transformation used to bring about harmony to body, mind and soul and is an excellent complementary therapy for stress related problems.

When played skilfully, the rhythm soothes the nervous system and relaxes the brain. A huge spectrum of sound is created by the Gong, and as the layers of sound build they can actually be felt by those in a Gong Bath. These vibrations contain profound healing potential. In this relaxed state, blockages are cleared and you may find yourself involuntarily twitching as everything realigns to it’s natural and harmonious state.

Sound baths typically last for around 45-60 minutes. During this time you will be transported to wherever it is you need to go. For those of you looking for an alternative to meditation or relaxation, then a Gong Bath will be a wonderful experience. As the body is bathed in sound-waves, the vibrational frequencies alter your state of being in a very real and tangible way. Some find the session deeply relaxing; others find it truly moving and that it brings about harmony and peace physiologically, spiritually and mentally. Each experience is totally unique to the individual…so come try it for yourself and see.

What To Bring?

When joining a Sound Bath, the most important thing is that you are totally comfortable. I would advise you bring a Yoga mat or something similar to lie on, a blanket to cover yourself with, one or two pillows for under your head and knees, and I suggest you wear comfortable clothing including socks for warmth and comfort. An eye bag is a nice addition, although not essential. Some people like to bring a journal to make a note of their personal experience for personal and spiritual development, too.

Up-coming Events

Pranayama and Gong Bath – Yoga For Harmony – 5.30-6.45pm –  Aug 3rd (covered by Wayne Boyce), Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Dec 7th- £15 – to book or for more info, email me

Sound Immersion –  August 16th – Windsor Youth Centre, Alma Road £20 – email me to book or for more info

For a Private Sound Healing Session in the comfort of your own home, please enquire using the contact box below.


Thank you Chloe for an amazing introduction to Sound Bath Meditation. Absolutely loved it and feeling totally relaxed. Can’t wait for the next one 

Miriam Brown

Everyone had an amazing experiece and one of my friends who has done Gong in various places including Indaba – yours was the best. Definitely we will do another..


Business Owner, Yoga Hook

Wow, it was brilliant! I slept so well that night and felt super calm but energised. Thanks Chloe for your warm welcome to my first gong bath – i’ll be at the next one for sure 🙂

Gabby Louise

Absolutely fantastic Chloe. It’s blown me away!! Love love loved it! You are amazing. I needed that so much, thank you

April Clay

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