Chloe is quite simply an amazing yoga teacher! Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced yogi, I really can’t recommend her enough. Chloe brings so much warmth, knowledge, support and fun to her classes and workshops, I always leave feeling even more curious and inspired to want to learn and practice more. She really takes the time to understand your practice with you, helping you to continuously strengthen this in a way that’s right for you. And, as well as her amazing yoga classes, I also can’t begin to tell you how incredibly beautiful and powerful her meditation Gong Bath sessions are amazing! Thank you SO much Chloe!


Business Owner

Chloe is the best yoga teacher I have had. She seems to be able to tailor the class to cover my requests and to make me work hard and yet I still enjoy it.

Olivia Addison


We had an amazing experience and one of my friends who has done Gong in various places including Indaba – yours was the best. Definitely, we will do another


Business Owner, Yoga Hook

Chloe’s classes are awesome! I look forward to it every week, there is always something challenging! I have learnt so much, I can even stand on my head! And I have only been going since March! After class I feel a amazing, it gives me such a buzz!
Thank you Chloe

April Gardens

Landscape Gardener

Thank you Chloe… My shoulder feels so much better after the targeted Yoga session

Abby Sheppard


Chloe is literally the reason I am addicted to yoga! I had never tried yoga before meeting her and after attending one of her classes I now cannot get enough of it!! She is a great instructor… her classes are always fun & energetic – every time I leave I feel much better about myself. Thoroughly recommend


Having a weekly dose of yoga with Chloe is a true highlight of the week for me. I like to train pretty hard in the gym and find that yoga compliments my other training goals perfectly in terms of developing my balance, flexibility and awareness of just how connected my mind, body and spirit really are. With Chloe’s expert guidance and enthusiastic teaching style each class manages to be both challenging and fun, and we’re continually reminded to be kind to our bodies and only go to the limit of what feels good whilst remaining active in the postures

Naomi Owens

Food Blogger

I have been meaning to message you since the Renew Retreat but time has slipped away from me since getting back! How nice it was to be at West Lexham in our relaxation bubble never knowing the time! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Renew Retreat, it was such an amazing weekend from start to finish and I do really feel it was life changing for me!


Marketing Manager

Chloe’s yoga classes are amazing! When I first started going I was struggling with tendinitis in my hips. After my first few sessions my hips really loosened up and the pain reduced.
She has classes to suit everyone and is always attentive (and happy!).

Jade Merrifield

Gym Duty Manager

I came across Chloe and her yoga classes by chance 9 months ago. I was so inspired after reading her website and loved her ethos – I immediately felt as if she would be the right person to help me re-discover yoga. Thanks to Chloe, I am now officially ‘addicted’! Not only has she has helped me with my strength and flexibility but she has also helped me discover the calm and inner peace that yoga brings. She is a great teacher, kind and calm and readily shares her expertise. I now go to Chloe’s class twice a week and love that fact that no 2 classes are the same. I would go every day if I could!
Lucy Pledge

I have been going to Chloe’s Saturday morning yoga classes since the end of 2014 and I absolutely love them! Friendly, fun and I feel like I have found muscles i never knew existed! Would highly recommend


I started going to Chloe’s yoga classes at the beginning of this year after a horrible colitis flare up. I decided I needed to do something that would de stress by body and mind. Chloe’s classes have definitely helped both my digestive problems and I feel so relaxed after a session. The class is lovely and friendly and welcoming. You’ll come out feeling muscles you’ve never felt before and a wonderful sense of calmness

Miriam Brown

IT Consultant

I have been going to the classes since July last year. Chloe always structures the classes to make them both challenging and enjoyable. Would highly recommend!

Claire Sadler



by | Oct 28, 2015

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