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Sound Ceremony in London, Berkshire and Bristol

My Story…

My first experience at a Sound Meditation was out of this world. I wont’ go into detail because each experience is unique and what happened for me will almost certainly never happen again; for me or anyone else. Such is the way of things. Needless to say it got me hooked, I wanted more. I continued attending sessions for the following months and was mystified. Then one day, my teacher told me she was moving and giving up playing. She was selling her bowls and I heard the call. The universe was telling me something I needed to listen to. So I bought the bowls and went to train to be a Gong Master. Five years on, sound healing and meditation is still as mystifying to me as ever, revealing it’s secrets slowly and it is an honour to share the experience with you.

A little more…

Sound has been part of our story as humans since the beginning. Gathering around a fire to listen, speak, be heard; to drum, sing, to celebrate and mourn. So when folks ask me what to expect I am often caught short for what to say. The journey will always be unique and intuitive, and I believe it will speak to a part of you that often gets overlooked. The part of us that knows how to feel without words or explanation. The part of us that can see without our eyes. If nothing else it is an opportunity to rest and relax. But often it is so much more.

Curious? Or craving more? Follow the urge and get in touch today to start organising your next sound ceremony!

What is The Gong

It is an ancient instrument, dating back to the 6th century. It is a disk-shaped percussion instrument that when struck with a mallet, vibrates and creates a rainbow of sound. Sound has long been forgotten for its healing potency in Western culture but is now becoming recognised again for its place in complementary medicine.

When played skilfully, the rhythm soothes the nervous system and relaxes the brain. A huge spectrum of sound is created by the Gong, and as the layers of sound build, they can be felt by those in a Gong Bath. These vibrations contain profound healing potential. In this relaxed state, energetic blockages are cleared; you may find yourself involuntarily twitching as everything starts to realign to its natural and harmonious state.

What you need to know

Sound baths typically last for around 45-75 minutes. For those of you looking for an alternative to meditation or relaxation, then a Sound Meditation can be a wonderful experience. As the body is bathed in sound-waves, the vibrational frequencies alter your state of being in a very real and tangible way. Some find the session deeply relaxing; others find it truly moving and that it brings about harmony and peace physiologically, spiritually and mentally. If you are pregnant and have not attended a sound meditation before, it is not advisable to attend. Some mental health conditions are contraindicative to meditation, if unsure please consult your GP first.

What To Bring?

The most important thing is that you are very comfortable. Bring a Yoga mat or something similar to lie on, a blanket to cover yourself with, one or two pillows for under your head and knees and wear comfortable clothing including socks for warmth and comfort. An eye bag is a nice addition, although not essential.

Contact me about Sound Ceremonies

Upcoming events:

Sound Meditation Ceremony @ Choseley House, Lutmans Haven, RG10 9YN. Select Tuesdays of the month, 7pm-8.30pm

February 6th; March 5th; April 9th; May 7th 

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Seasonal Sound Meditation @ The Wild Box, Bristol. Select Tuesdays of the month, 7.45pm – 9pm

January 30th; February 27th; March 19th; April 30th

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Sound Meditation @ Fairmont Windsor Park Spa. Select Tuesdays of the month, 7pm-8pm

January 23rd; February 20th; March 26th; April 23rd

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