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My Happy Body Chloe Goddard

Your health is your life. It is priceless. It holds the power to affect your moods, your appearance, your livelihood and more. So what is the secret to perfect health?
The emphasis everywhere we look seems to be on looking good which suggests looking a certain way is the answer to well-being, yet with everyone being born uniquely this is a flawed approach that leaves us all disheartened and despondent.
It’s taken me years of working in the health and fitness industry to figure it out, but now I know the secret. It’s simple, beautiful and anyone can have it for free.
The answer is Happiness! Not the kind that comes and goes like the weather. I mean deep rooted contentment with yourself, no crutch required.
My intention is to revolutionise the way we think so we stop worrying and start LIVING!
Here you can join me on this journey of how exercise, great food and positive thinking will result in something we all desire. A Happy Body.

So where can you start your journey?

I run Yoga classes and private 121 sessions in Windsor, Ascot and the surrounding area. For meditation and stress relief, try a Gong Bath or private sound healing treatment. Retreats are the perfect way to restore your sense of wellbeing…I hold day, weekend and week long retreats in the UK and Spain. Check out my Yoga Events page for more info on these.

I look forward to meeting you on your journey to happiness, very soon 🙂

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