Winter is here, it’s clear from the frosted up car windows and shivering people all around. So keep yourself protected from those baddie germs by upping your veggie intake! And there’s no tastier way of doing that than by making a soup!

Leek and Broccoli Soup
– 1 leek
– Half a head of broccoli
– 1 potato
– 1 onion
– 2-3 celery sticks
– Garlic
– Vegetable stock
– Coconut or olive oil

– Dice a boil the potato until soft
– Put some oil of choice in a pan and soften the onion and garlic
– Add a little water to the onion and garlic, then chuck in the chopped leek and chopped broccoli. Cover and leave to sweat for 10 mins or so
– Make up the vegetable stock with 300ml of boiling water
– Put all into a blender, whizz up and enjoy hot!


This soup is full of fibre which is important for digestion, is high in carbs which although many people may consider a bad thing, unrefined carbs are essential for the human body to function, including the brain! The garlic in the recipe will help ward off colds and coughs, and the broccoli and leek supply you with an array of vitamins and minerals so you will feel nourished, renewed, and most importantly in this weather…really, really warm J


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