1. Break the routine– OK so you are used to going to the gym every night after work, but at the moment there are so many parties and get-togethers that you are finding it hard to do both. You can do both! Just adapt. It could be time to try a 6am session, or even a 20minute jog in your lunch-break. It might be hard to adjust at first but it will make that second glass of Prosecco a little more guilt-free.
  2. Alternate beverages– how about every other drink you go to the bar and get water, a sparkling water, maybe even with a squeeze of lemon and lime in? You can pass it off as vodka-and-something, and your mind and body will feel 50% better than it would have otherwise the next day!
  3. Don’t skip meals– still enjoy a healthy breakfast and lunch, as well as your regular nutritional snacks, as these will keep you full meaning you’ll be much less likely to go for seconds at that Christmas Dinner Party you simply cant miss!
  4. Stay hydrated throughout the day– aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water at the desk and throughout the day. Not only do we often mistake thirst for hunger so you will save on extra daytime calories there, but it also means you will be much less likely to suffer from a headache the morning after. Water is also great for your skin so think of it as a natural form of botox, minus the nasty needles
  5. Up your mileage– and not in the car. Simple things like parking further from the supermarket, walking to the shops, taking the stairs or just going for a stroll in your lunch-break will not only energise you after a late night, but making these choices will top up the calorie bank too!
  6. Fill your plate– but fill it mostly with veggies which are lower in calories than meats, potatoes, Yorkshire puds and the like, but can be equally yummy when all the other bits (in moderation) and drizzled with gravy.
  7. DANCE– a night of dancing will burn hundreds of calories, and who doesn’t like shaking their backside they’ve worked hard all year for?! Go on…let your hair down!
  8. Take pride in discipline– when all you can see is cakes, chocolate, and mince pies floating around the office, remember that being disciplined takes work and is something to be proud of. Just because your colleagues don’t mind the indulgence it doesn’t mean that you have to. And although they may encourage you to do the same, be wary as they may be trying to offset their guilt for having all the Quality Streets themselves. Be strong, be proud and know that it is OK to say no sometimes.
  9. Team up– and enter a Santa Fun Run! It’s a great way to get some team and Christmas spirit! And it’s a healthy, charitable way to spend Christmas together.
  10. Take a time out– sometimes we need to take time to realise how lucky we are to appreciate what we have and not over-indulge. Is there a local homeless shelter you can give up a Sunday for? Not only will this leave you feeling totally grateful for all that you have, it might also leave you turning your nose at those unnecessary indulgences from time to time. Check out the charity Crisis for more information
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