There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so – Shakespeare

10 days later, it’s official…I am a Gong Master!!!! Well, I think “master” could be an overstatement, especially after having trained under the true masters of the trade…Don Conreaux and Aiden Mcintyre…but my certificate declares it as truth, so I will spend the next however long it takes trying to live up to that statement.

It is only just hitting me really, how blessed I was to train with these guys. Don, for example, is 82 years old and was one of the original 5 Kundalini Yoga Teachers, designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Don’t worry if that doesn’t mean anything to you…it’s just pretty cool ­čÖé He is a fountain of wisdom, and one quote he kept repeating, was “if you think it, then it is so”. It’s been stuck in my brain ever since leaving.

Such a simple concept…but it has the power to alter your consciousness. The power to consider your body, your past, your future, your present with a complete shift in perspective.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a support network of family and friends who are there for us to lean on in times of need, but at some point we have to step up and be accountable for the situations we find ourselves in. Take a look around you…do you like what you see? If you answer “no”, first ask yourself “am I being a negative-nancy?” If you find there are still things you genuinely don’t like, what can you change? And if there are things you can’t change, then can you change your mind-set?

It’s hard to re-write the recording that plays in our head…thought patterns can become as habitual as eating patterns (and we all know how hard those are to break). But I’m finding that just like a sculptor who carves away at a stone to reveal the beauty that has always been underneath, Yoga and meditation practise comes down to the same thing. Repeatedly carving away at the outer layers of ego and insecurity, until eventually the true light of our souls start to shine through. If you think it, then it is so.

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