The day began with a green juice, ended with a berry smoothie, and just like those drinks, the in-between was filled with goodness too.
A testimony to the success of the day was that this was pretty much the only picture taken!!!! We were all so much in the zone and loving life, that it never crossed anyones mind to take out their phone. I mean, when was the last time you went 7 hours without checking your phone? It truly was a Day Of Bliss.

And what a pleasure it was to be able to treat a group of women to a day of total R and R. I remember at one point looking around the room and feeling overcome with gratitude – each and every person there has a job that benefits society in some way….some more obvious than others…each equally important. And it’s such a rarity we look after ourselves in a way that benefits our body and mind…all the way through to a cellular level. On that day, it was mine and Kate’s job to ensure these wonderful individuals were totally looked after. So when, at the end of the day, everyone sat up in a bit of a daze, with a look on their faces suggesting they weren’t totally sure whether or not they were still on planet earth, I mentally high-fived myself for achieving what we’d set out to do.

Don’t despair if you couldn’t make it and feel in need of your own dose of bliss. Kate and I are already planning the next dates in June, July and August…so there’s plenty of Bliss to go around. Just keep checking my social media, emails and website to be the first to know when they are.

Wishing you all a blissed out week and hope to see you at a class soon,

Chloe xxx

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