It’s YOU who inspires me…every damn day

I have¬†some very special friends in my life…strong female characters who have taught me a lot about what it means to be a good person. They are an honest mirror when I need to take a look, as well as a lift when I need to be carried, and they whole-heartedly believe in me. That’s something that never gets old ūüôā

I’d like to tell you about one of them today, because although her story might not make the headlines, I think there’s a lot to be said for how she’s approached her journey in 2016 so far.

Girl’s got a good job, a partner, a house, a loving family, is beautiful and hilarious…to an outsider she’s got it sorted. But we all have demons to face.

Anxiety would attack¬†and shake her up at birthdays, on nights out, when getting ready for a dinner. The demon would strike without care of consequence and would paralyse her with a fear that had no reason or rhyme…it would just grab on and not let go. It was uncomfortable to witness, especially not knowing how to offer comfort in such a situation. Sometimes she’d pull through and make it to the event, sometimes she wouldn’t…and sometimes she’d force herself to go out, but be out-of-sorts once there. It sucked.

At the end of 2015, or in the early stages of 2016…I can’t quite remember when, she shared with us her New Years Resolution. To do something every month that scared her. It started “small”, like going to a venue she hadn’t been to before where there’d be lots of other people, or joining a Yoga class. Tough Mudder was next, which got conquered and re-booked. Her New Years Resolution has even taken her half way around the world, and meant she travelled alone for a substantial period of time. It’s got her promoted, too. Anxiety may still linger a little, but it’s a mere scratch compared to the wound it used to be. Through her courage, she has healed herself and blossomed into an even more beautiful soul than before.

Being brave and facing inner demons is scary stuff, and is¬†arguably one of the hardest things to do in this life. It means first of all being honest with yourself, and secondly diving in to the places you never wanted to go. Could it be that it is in those murky waters where we discover more about ourselves than anywhere else? Where we find clarity and strength? I thought of her bravery a few weeks ago when I was stood on the edge of a jump into a lake at an outdoor aqua park. I was petrified…even though people all around me were jumping straight in, my bones were shaking. And I thought of her putting herself on that ledge each and every month and it gave me the courage to do exactly that which I didn’t want to. I reckon had I not jumped, the rest of my time at the Aqua Park would have been over-shadowed by feelings of disappointment in myself, embarrassment and regret. She inspired me to be more brave…and I had a great day for it. On an even larger scale, it’s those kind of fears that if we don’t face up to, leave us with bigger regrets that may haunt us into our golden years.

Upon reflection, we all have inner demons to conquer. Each and every day can be a battle. I cross paths with a lot of people, yourselves included every week and I wanted to tell you that it is you who inspires me. I do not know the specific battle you are facing, but I know that we are all almost always in the middle¬†of an uphill climb. Yet even so, when I see you, you smile, offer a kind word, listen, talk, share….and it is what inspires me to keep teaching, learning and writing.

Thank you, Yogis <3

Wishing you a beautiful week,

Chloe xx

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