I know you’ve probably heard this a million times already…but where on earth has 2016 gone??? It feels only a few weeks ago we were welcoming the arrival of the new year, and now it’s almost time to wish it farewell. This, my friends, simply proves the point of making the most of right now. In the past, I’ve felt pressured by this saying. When someone says you’ve got to make the most of every day, I would secretly think to myself “yeah I know but I also have to earn some money to pay some bills then do the chores first…then I really want to practise some Yoga and cook something, then I can think about making the most of the time I have left, but by that point I’ll probably just want to sit down and watch the TV”. Until last week.
I’ve been reading this wonderful book called “Light is the new black” written by Rebecca Campbell. It’s an uplifting read to inspire you to do what “lights you up”. As soon as you do something that lights you up, you are fulfilling your souls purpose. Take a moment to consider things that you truly love doing. Activities that make your eyes shine brighter and tattoo a content look upon your face. Here are some of mine:
– Getting creative (doodling, painting, making things look colourful)

– Learning new ways to strengthen and enjoy my body (yoga, boxing, gym)

– Writing poetry

– Being in nature
Really, the list could go on and on….and I found it hard to get going when I first tried thinking about it, even to the point where I started to worry about not having anything that “lights me up”! Now I realise that I love to learn new things/skills and to be creative, so anything that embodies those is a winner for me.
Anyway, Rebecca’s point is that when we do things that light us up, we are fulfilling our soul purpose. How? I mean how is me doodling or boxing doing anything beneficial to anyone but myself? Well, think about it this way…how can you give from an empty cup? In order to make the most of each day, we need to find time each day to do something that fills the cup up, and then we can give our time to the mundane essential tasks that are unescapable, but with our eyes shining brightly because we feel a little more fulfilled. And it doesn’t end there. Imagine being able to shine to your FULL potential, the glass elevator shattering the ceiling as it explodes through what you thought your limits were and enters into the realms of the unknown possibilities… Your full potential is limitless, but also totally attainable. All you have to do is lend yourself the opportunity to do a little more of what you love, and to focus a little more energy in that direction. Before you know it you will be attracting people, job opportunities, abundance of all kinds like a magnet because you gave yourself the time to fill your cup. No-one goes to a coffee shop and asks for an empty cup of coffee – and in the same way, you will be asked for in all manners and ways. The parts of our life, the unhealthy friendships and relationships, the bad habits, the job you hate. they all stay under the ceiling. You leave them behind in your shadow of shiny loveliness. That’s nothing to be afraid or ashamed of either…how dare we dim our light because of fear of casting a shadow on others?? You don’t ask the sun to stop shining because it puts some things in the shade. So why do we apply that school of thought to ourselves?
And so, I’ve come to realise that it is possible to make the most of each moment. We just need to give ourselves the opportunity to do what we love, even if it’s just for 15minutes a day, it will make the sunrise behind your eyes, and it wont then go down until you go to bed, at which point, rinse and repeat.

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