How many times each day do you have the same thought patterns?

Are you even aware of how you talk to yourself? Do you have an inner attitude which inevitably dictates your mood without you realising?

Big questions with no simple answer.

But the danger is, lack of awareness can lead to a sense of separation, and even complete disconnection to not only ourself but people around us. We become a slave to our thoughts…and these thoughts manifest themselves as bad moods, physical tension and often disease.

In the same way feeling “low” or “blue” makes us more susceptible to colds, changes in blood pressure, physical tension, and making poor life choices, feeling content can boost immunity, regulate the inner body, and encourages positive decision making. A smile really can go a long way!!!!

So how do we change the recording of the mind, that has often been playing on repeat for decades?

In theory, it’s pretty simple….but the execution is the real challenge.

You learn to listen.

Listen to your thoughts.

You can sit back now, set a timer for 5 minutes and listen to your thoughts. You can listen to your thoughts next time you go for a walk or run; you can listen next time you practise Yoga.

Listen to oneself as though listening to a friend divulge a problem. Listen with compassion, with no judgement and with total patience. Remember, the recording that has been playing for years in your mind, could take a while to be rewritten. This process is will however take you on a journey to finding inner peace, equanimity and contentment, every day of your life.

If this is something you’d like to learn a little more about, then why not enquire about one to one Yoga sessions with me, or even joining me on a retreat sometime? We have day, weekend, and week long retreats coming up…which could be the perfect opportunity to change the music in your mind. Click here¬†for more information.

But remember that ultimately, the answer is within you. No one else was put here to make you happier than yourself. The journey to a happy body can be a confusing road, but like most things in life, what we have been searching for is normally already within…and you can start just by listening. Me-time is nothing to ever feel guilty about either….you need to take time out for yourself so you can give your all to the people and things you love.

As always, sending you all good vibes and wishing you all a beautiful week.

With love,

Chloe xx

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