When was the last time you took a day off? No, no, I don’t mean a Saturday or Sunday where you aren’t at “work” but are infact running errands for every Tom, Dick, and Harry in your phone book.

I mean a day off-grid. A day away from household chores, the phone, emails, the endless to-do list?

It’s scary to think how long ago it might have been, right? Even with the summer holidays that have just passed, the day’s spent abroad or away may well have still been time running around after everyone else…then over-indulging of an evening to compensate. Sound familiar?

Well take a look at those glowing faces above. Sunday just gone, they joined LJ and I for an entire day in Ascot for Yoga, meditation, vegan food, fresh juice, and general all round self-love.

Before you start to think, “oh how selfish and un-necessary” or “I’m unstoppable, people who take breaks are just weak”…let’s think about the importance of taking a time-out. Most religions that I know of command that you take a day of rest, ONCE A WEEK…! Imagine?!!! But seriously, if all of the God’s known to mankind say that you should do it, well then perhaps it’s time we started to listen.

Stress. It causes you to burn out. To snap at people you love. To drink too much. To eat too much or not at all. To not sleep. To be constantly tired and grumpy. To look for quick fixes in all areas of your life. To feel depressed and suffer from headaches. Unpleasant to be around to say the least. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition will have a negative impact on your overall health and if you let that cycle go on for years then the result is often high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dull and tired skin, anxiety, heart problems and a multitude of other illnesses have been traced back and related to STRESS.

Have I convinced you to put your feet up yet? No, I mean literally put your feet up…


This posture is called Viparita Karani and it’s one of many tools in the encyclopedia of Yogic Medicine that can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It “elicits the relaxation response, a form of resting while you are awake (from Yoga As Medicine by Timothy McCall M.D).

It is fundamental that you take TIME to nurture your mind, body and soul. To take time for yourself that is truly nourishing…because how else are the people and animals you care about most going to get the best version of you? And don’t they deserve that? 

So, go ahead, put your feet up (the wall). Try it with your back on the floor, or with the pelvis raised on a bolster or a few folded blankets for even greater effect.

You will NOT look back on your life and regret the time that you spent taking care of your health and wellbeing, but you may well look back and regret not having done so. 

That was pretty serious stuff, right? So here’s a picture of Nacho to lighten the tone…


He sends his love to you all 🙂
So with the start of September and a new season, why not set an Autumnal-resolution to put a date-day in your diary, or even just a lunch-date in your diary, on a regular basis…that is time just-for-you. Turn off your devices and meditate, book a massage, practise Yoga at home alone, take a bath with some essential oils, and remember that“compassion is a verb” – that should be applied to others and yourself.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this. Don’t forget to head over to my “events” and “gong baths” pages to check for upcoming events you might be able to attend. And if you feel the need to treat yourself, then follow this link to the Neal’s Yard website where you can splurge on some organic, non-animal tested, skincare products, superfoods, and essential oils.

With love,

Chloe and Nacho x

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